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After registering with dreampro.com I received many phone calls and requested my order be cancelled many times only to find my debit card had been charged for $34.95 for something I didn't order.The phone numbers and web sites to cancel were of no use.

I blocked my debit card to prevent any further charges. There also was a $77.83 international charge from Cancun!!!

I'm sure I will not recoup the lost money so beware I thought I was smarter it seem too good to be true 1.95 for a way to make money on the internet!

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after realizing my checking account had 9.76 charges for 4 months,on 6/1/11 notified co and was promised a credit for 39.04 would be issued in 7 days.,thhis date of 6/11: no credit ......will pursue w/bank if no satifaction by 6/13..it is a scam and party named jesse at co was very quick to offer credit,but never happened.......called 3x's............

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